Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Think He's Excited...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She's Married!!

My best friend in the world/cousin/other half/classmate/soul sister/lover/mentor/dance partner/the only person in the world that I can tell everything to/partner in crime/back up singer/the person who makes me laugh harder than anyone/vacation buddy/the person that means the world to me....
THAT person...


....but it sure doesn't look like too much will change.

It was such a beautiful wedding. There were beautiful flowers and beautiful bridesmaids, it was a beautiful day outside, it was a beautiful ceremony, and there was a BEAUTIFUL bride.

The wedding party. And it truly was a party with all these fun kids.

My fam bam!

The reception was beautiful, emotional, romantic....and SO MUCH FUN!

J.J. was M.I.A., so I just cut the cake with Kacey instead....just kidding. We were just chowing down on some German chocolate amazingness!

After the dinner, the cutting of the cake, the first dance, the slideshow, the father/daughter dance, the fathers' toasts, and all the other wedding stuff, it was time to dance! We danced the night away until it was finally time for them to say their goodbyes! People kept talking to Kacey while she was trying to leave, so finally JJ just swept her up in his arms and ran out the door. It was adorable.

Now please allow me to spill my guts:
Saying goodbye to Kacey made me very emotional. I don't think there are very many people in this world who have a friendship like me and Kacey's friendship. It's more than just a friendship. I feel like we have part of each other's hearts. This is so cliche, but she knows me better than I know myself. I know that we were even best friends before this life. Before we came down to this earth I probably said something to her like,
"fine, I'll go when you go." She is my BEST friend. A friend doesn't get any better than Kacey. Her whole wedding day I was with her or near her and we were laughing and crying and what not. But, when JJ carried her away, I felt like it became real. She was leaving me! She's married. She's a wife. She has a husband. Her being married.. is actually changing my life as well. We can't do sleepovers like we used to...both of us in our tiny twin beds. I will no longer be able to set her up with the cute boy at the party. It won't be as easy to get away for a fun weekend in Coronado. So much in changing. And because of that, I must admit, I am kind of scared. However, Kacey and I have been through a lot together. Our life is like a book. So far, it has been a hilarious, exciting, adventurous, emotional, strengthening book. And Kacey being married is not the end of the book, but only a new chapter. I know things will be different, but I have no doubt that things will be just as amazing. She will always...ALWAYS be my very best friend. I am so excited to see what this new chapter has in store for us! I love you Mrs. Kacey Bullard.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Going There Someday...

On Saturday, April 11, I was able to go through the temple for the first time. It was almost unreal and sometimes I feel like it was only a dream. But it was such an amazing experience that I will always remember. What's even more amazing is that my best friend/cousin Kacey and I were able to go through together. I loved being able to share that with her. And because we were both going through, our entire family came! My parents, each of my siblings, their spouses, grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins spouses, and even Kathi Hiatt was there. Kacey and I's friend Stephanie also went through for the first time with us (she's leaving soon for a mission at Temple Square). Being in the temple with so many people that I love so much was the best feeling. I could not stop smiling.

Preparing to go to the temple helped me learn so much about the importance of temples, but actually being there made everything click. It was such a spiritual experience and it really strengthened the testimony I have of the Gospel.

After our trip to the temple, we hit up CPK for a nice lunch. Thank you family, for sharing this awesome day with me. I love you all!

Allie and Michael Schulze

Allie was such a beautiful bride! When they walked out of the temple, they both looked soo happy! They could hardly keep their eyes off of each other.

These are all the bridesmaids at the reception. They were all fun girls.

The groomsmen were so funny! They are all good friends so the whole day they were cracking everybody up!

The kilt.

Me, giving the maid of honor speech.

And they're off!

Their wedding was so much fun and I was so happy to be able to share the special day with them.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Elder Williams Update

On Friday I got a letter from my missionary. It was my favorite letter I have received from him thus far because he explains how he found out about my mission call. Here is one part of it:

"The PHILIPPINES! SO COOL! I am so happy for you. You will be bomb over there. I have so many questions to ask you about it bur first let me tell you how I found out. Thursday the mission home called and said I had a package marked 'urgent' so they forwarded it to me. But I knew it was your call cause what else would be urgent? So from Thursday til Friday I was so antsy to see a package in the mailbox. So on Friday we came back for dinner and two other missionaries were in our driveway to drop something off. They all knew about your call coming soon too. So we're talking to the other elders (who both said you were gorgeous), when I looked over and saw a package in the mailbox. I ran over and opened it and everyone was so excited. When I saw Philippines I didn't know what to say! I wanted Temple Square..haha. But I was so happy and had the biggest smile. And Elder Love, Trammel, and Killpack were so stoked and said, "dude you are set if she goes on a mission!" It was awesome. Babe, I am so happy for you. The couple we live with, the Jones were excited also. Sister Jones is from Manilla, Philippines. She got out a map and showed me San Pablo. Sister Jones said mail takes 10-14 days! That sucks. But at least I know you'll be on a mission and not dating any guys. I am so proud of you for serving, it gives me encouragement. I know you will love missionary work. Plus people love you, so you'll be great. I look up to you and think you are amazing. I Love You!"

I love his letters. My sisters best friend Kasey once said to me, "The mail man will become your hero or you will want to cuss him out.
" I've never heard a more true statement.

I still love Miles as much as I loved him the day we said goodbye, if not, more. He LOVES his mission and I'm so happy for him and proud of him.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Future Mrs. Schulze!

My dear friend, Allie is getting married tomorrow! She asked me to be her maid of honor, so I was able to throw her a bridal shower and a bachelorette party. They were both so much fun...not because of my planning...but because ANYTHING with Allie is fun!

Allie's mom, Chadley is such a fun mom! She and Allie are like best friends. When they are together they are such a crack up!

Michael(Allie's fiance)'s mom, Melissa is so funny. Allie got lucky with all these fun moms in her life. Fun moms are the best... I would know from experience.

She got a bunch of awesome gifts...

...but my personal favorite was this Christmas ornament. Michael's mom gave Allie a few ornaments that Michael made in elementary school. I thought that was a cute idea...and I think Allie liked it too?

My 2 bride-to-be redheads!! Kacey gets married next Saturday! I have had the greatest time being part of these girls' wedding parties. I love them both so much and I feel like I can actually show that love by helping with wedding plans and throwing them parties and stuff.

What's a celebration without a Creative Cakery cake?

The shower was fun, but the bachelorette party was way more exciting. There were only a few people there...a few really really fun people. It's all about quality, not quantity. We ate dinner, opened presents, and had cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory in the Bella Terra shopping center in Huntington Beach.
Then, it was time for the game.
Here's how it went: I typed out a bunch of different tasks, cut them out, folded them up, and put them in a sack. Each girl had to pick a task out of the sack and do it. Whoever accomplished the most tasks, won.
Some of the tasks: Get a piggy back ride from a stranger. Use a cheesy pick up line on a stranger. Ask a stranger to marry you. Etc.

Here is Allie getting a piggy back ride from a stranger. Who happened to be LDS. And who also happened to be Kacey's old boyfriend's little brother. Haha.

This picture accomplished my task: "get a picture with a group of middle school boys." But I think they were in high school. And they really didn't want to stop for a picture.

Now, to my favorite part of the night:
So, at one point during the night, Allie picked out a task that said, "serenade a stranger," and Kacey had one that said, "get a stranger's phone number." They were both nervous about these ones because those are just awkward situations to be in. At the same time I had a task that said, "kiss a stranger on the cheek." Those of you who know me know that I was not nervous at all about this task. So everyone was searching for their perfect prey when all of a sudden, this group of boys come up and start talking to us. Turns out they were from Canada and they were drunk. Their visit to California was for a paintball tournament they were in, but earlier that day they lost, so they were looking for something fun to do that night. And they found us! A mormon bachelorette party!! The 5 of them really helped us accomplish our tasks and have a ton of fun donig it. Even they got in on the fun! They started picking tasks and going up to girls with cheesy pick up lines and what not. They were so fun. In the future, whenever Allie thinks back to her bachelorette party, she will always remember the 18 year old Canadians.

Oh, Allie. I am so glad you wanted me as your maid of honor (I might take that back tomorrow evening when you make me give a maid of honor speech). It was so much fun to plan things for you and to [hopefully] help make your special day an extra special one. I love you!

Monday, April 6, 2009

bonjour je m'appelle...

March is the month of mustaches. And march was ending, so a Mustache Party was very necessary. I went with these two fun girls: Alison and Rachel. All 3 of us had a great time socializing, dancing, and changing our felt mustaches every once in a while throughout the night.

This is Todd. Todd is different. But we love him very much.

This is Jill. Jill's boyfriend (now FIANCE) is Sean. Sean's purpose in life is to make me feel extremely awkward. When he and Jill started dating, she adopted Sean's role of making me feel uncomfortable. Sean's got nothin on her. She puts me in situations in which I have never felt more uncomfortable. But I adore her and I'm so happy they are getting MARRIED!!

This is our "cute mustache face."

This is Scotty drawing a mustache on Alison. She lost a bet.

What a fun night filled with mustaches, friends, and a lot of different languages.