Monday, June 29, 2009

Catch Me if You Can

It seems like I've been super busy lately with nothing but fun stuff! I'm all over the place doing all sorts of fun things with all sorts of rad people.

Juice Box recently moved from Irvine to Long Beach, so now we can hang out way more often and I love it! Look how excited we are! Molly is out of school now, so work is SO fun! We play at the beach, go sailing, go to the park...the possibilities are endless! Plus, they moved into a new amazing house right on the beach(you can see it in the reflection on the picture) so we've been loving life together.

I've also had the opportunity to visit the temple often. My bishop told me to try to go a dozen times before I leave, so I'm working on that.For Shane's birthday, Sally planned a surprise party for him. He was way surprised and it was such a fun night!
On May 29, I turned 21! So, of course, I did what everyone does on their 21st cupcakes with my sister and her kids!
Then that night I went with these fun girls to the Melting Pot!! Mmm mmm! (Look how everyone is sitting across from their sister. How cute are we?)A couple days after my birthday, we celebrated again with the whole family at Lucilles BBQ!
Oh, Scott got MARRIED! He and Christy are adorable together and I'm happy for them.
We celebrated Katie's 6th birthday with all her fun friends at her Birthday Tea Party! Everyone dressed up in their pretty dresses and partied it up!
And of course, Sarah and I got in on the dress up fun too!

I had a sleepover at my house with my girls Crystal, Tegyn and Kendra. We were baking cookies when all of a sudden the power went out!

Spooky!Finally the power came back, and I taught Kendra the dance to Hoedown Throwdown.And what's a sleepover without going toilet papering?!... ...and..this..?The next day we took advantage of the nice weather and went to the beach!One day Steve, Ashley, and I went to Knott's Berry Farm!
I got to hang out with a bunch of my camp friends: Duck Tape, Juniper, Bumper, Me(sandcrab), and Juice Box!
Can you guess what word we were trying to spell? Adorable mother-to-be's.
Shane was out of town, so Sally invited us girls over for a slumber party! We went to CPK..
...took a walk down the beach and 2nd street, got ice cream, and rented a chick flick.
I love me some LaLa.
Obviously, Juice Box and I were excited to be hanging out again!

Life is good.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

oh dad.

I love my dad.
I love how he has a song for everything.
I love how after I've been trying to beat him up for a while, he'll get out of his chair and chase me.
I love how he laughs so hard at people getting hurt in movies.
I love his stories like how he put a tack on the teachers chair and then hid under her desk.
I love watching sports with him.
I love how he calls me "my dear."
I love how he watches basically six shows at the same time.
I love how every once in a while, I'll be watching a girly movie and he'll come and watch it with me. Who knew he could develop such a love for Mama Mia?
I love how he jumps a mile when you poke him in the side.
I love how he can fall asleep AND start snoring loud in a matter of 1 second.
I love how when people kiss in a movie, he says, "MUSH!"
I love how he made a smudge on his chair from his bald head.
I love when he sings the song, "El Paso."
I love how he will randomly start playing catch with me when I throw a ball to him.
I love how he will throw a ball AT me when I throw a ball at him.
I love how after he's done watching his shows, he'll throw me the remote.
I love how he's not afraid to cry or show emotion.
I love how much he worries and cares about me.
I love how much he loves me.
I love everything about him.
I love my dad.

Happy Father's Day to the coolest, most humble, hard-working, spiritual guy I know!
And tomorrow, Happy Birthday to the best dad in the whole world!