Friday, May 29, 2009

Look What I've Been Up To

A couple of months ago I went to a birthday party that had a full room filled with different costumes. I found this good ole cat unitard that everyone seemed to love.

Then I found this Moses wig and beard. Isn't it amazing?

We celebrated Darren's 21st Birthday with a surprise party at Outback.

I've been helping Kacey pick out paint colors for her new house and decorate it. Don't you love that orange?Theeeeeeen...I went blonder.
I've still been playing with my favorite little Molly and her pups.

I went to an Angels game with Mike!

I watched all 3 of the High School Musical movies for a HSM marathon with these fun kids.

We celebrated my awesome crazy mom's birthday!

I hung out and took macbook pictures with my boyfriends Zac Efron and JuiceBox.

I had a mini GNO at Storybook Tellers Cafe with 2 of my favorite ladies...Sorry.

Then it was time to celebrate Ella's FOURTH birthday at Rainforest Cafe!

Sarah, Carter, Mom, and I had a fun day at Disneyland along with a photoshoot.

The Hull girls plus my mom and I had a sleepover in Laguna. This is just me on the balcony..

THEN we celebrated Bryant's 30th Birthday with a surprise party at Famous Dave's BBQ. These are the fun girls that we are the party!

Meanwhile, I've still been getting lovely letters and pictures from this studly missionary:

Then recently I died my hair brown!

And I took more macbook pictures with JB.

...and this happened...

I had dinner at CPK MANY times. Once with this girl and a few other friends!

And lastly/most recently, I had a relaxing day at the spa!

I've been trying to have a lot of fun with friends and family before I leave on my mission, and I have been having a BLAST!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


New friends Corenne and Bobby and old friend Mike.

Last week I went to a Giants/Dodgers game at Dodgers stadium. The Giants and Dodgers are huge rivals. If you show up to Dodgers stadium in Giant's gear or Giants stadium in Dodgers gear, you're bound to have something thrown at you, poured on you, or yelled at you. I am a Giants fan. I wore Giants gear to Dodgers stadium. Luckily nothing was thrown or poured on me, but I was definitely yelled at. Bobby is a Dodgers fan, so he was hassling me the whole time, as well as the guys behind me. Then there were the various people who would yell things at me like, "Go back to San Fran!" But I'm fine.
Even though we lost 8-0, it was such a fun game! We had amazing seats in the first row of the All-You-Can-Eat section! I made some new friends. And it was just great to see my guys playing again.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Miss this Boy...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today Is Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom! She is an amazing person, but an even more amazing mother. I love her more than I could ever describe. Just the other day, I was thinking about how much I will miss my mom while I'm on my mission. Thinking about being away from my mom for 18 months hurts my heart and brings tears to my eyes. She is my strength when I'm weak and my smile when I'm sad. No one [but my siblings] is as lucky as me to have my mom for a mother.

Happy Mother's Day to my sister! She has given birth to 3 out of 3 of my favorite kids in the universe. I look up to her so much and admire her for her strength and faith. Someday I hope to be as good of a mom as she is.

Happy Mother's Day to Miles' mom, Jennifer! She is so awesome! She goes out of her way to make me feel welcome in her home and family. She raised the most incredible, handsome, respectful, caring, loving, hard-working guy I have ever known. She was able to talk to Miles on the phone today for 45 minutes and she said he sounded so great! :)

There are so many amazing women who have, without even knowing, made a huge impact on my life. Here are a few...
1. Grandma Joyce. There is NO ONE in the world with a heart like Grandma Joyce. Every time I talk to her, she tells me she loves me over and over and it never gets old!
2. Grandma Dode. She may be hilarious and outrageous, but Grandma Dode has given me advice and taught me life lessons that I will never forget.
3. Aunt Natalie. My best friends mom. I basically lived at her house every weekend. I am 100% comfortable with Natalie and feel like I could talk to her about anything.
4. Aunt Shelley. She is just one of those people who can always make you smile. I want a relationship with my future husband like the one she has with her husband.
5. Kathi Hiatt. My mom #2. What would I do without Kathi? I could talk to her forever, she makes me laugh so hard, she's an amazing example, and she raised awesome kids who I just adore!
6. Carla Goodman. My Young Women's President. She might not know it, but she really changed my life. I wasn't the quietest girl in Young Women's, and I'm sure I was a handful, but she loved me unconditionally. Plus, she taught some awesome lessons.

There are so many more but these are just the few that are very near and dear to my heart. I have such a tremendous love for mothers. I hope that because of the amazing examples that surround me, I too will be a fun, loving, strong mother.
Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Last Sleepover with "Single Kacey"

I just saw these pictures on my aunt(Kacey's mom)'s blog. I thought they were so cute and decided to share the story behind them...

The night before Kacey's wedding, I spent the night at her house. We had so much fun hanging out that night and getting ready and pumped for the next day! I washed her hair in the tub, we picked out pictures for the entrance of the reception, and while she finished emptying her room, I kept saying, "you're getting married tomorrow!"
We always sleep in her tiny bed together, so it's hard to get to sleep sometimes because we're crammed and also because we talk and laugh a lot. So you can imagine how hard it was to fall asleep the night before her WEDDING!! But we managed to get to sleep a little before midnight. Then, around 4:00 a.m. I woke up and could not fall back asleep for the life of me. Finally around 4:30, I sat up. Then Kacey looks up at me. She was awake too. We realized that we were not going to fall back asleep. So at 4:45 a.m. we got up and started getting her ready. Basically I was just following her around the house while she got ready. This next picture is of me laying on the bathroom floor while Kacey took her shower so I could talk to her.

At 5:45 a.m. the hair and make-up girls came over and started working their magic on us while the other bridesmaids slowly began to trickle in. The other bridesmaids were Kacey's sisters Kellie and Kristi, her sister-in-law Amy, and her other best friend Stephanie. Amy's sister, Rachel did every ones make-up, while her good friend Megan did our hair. Amy brought a bunch of Starbucks hot chocolate and pastries for everyone to snack on while we were getting beautified. It was definitely a party and it was so much fun!

Sometime around 8ish, after Kacey looked more beautiful than EVER, we made sure she had everything she needed, and then she, JJ, and her parents left for the Temple.

It was such a fun memory that I will cherish last sleepover with Miss Kacey Thompson. Now I can't wait for my FIRST sleepover with Mrs. Kacey Bullard!!!