Sunday, December 14, 2008

Girls Day with Ash-Lay and Nay!

Yesterday, I got a call from my faux sister/neighbor Renee asking if Ashley and I wanted to go with her to get a mani/pedi combo for only $20.00! Ashley and I walked across the street to Renee's house and we were off!
We got to the nail salon to find no one in there except for the three workers. Perfect! It took us what felt like 20 minutes to pick out our colors. Renee is a lawyer so for some reason she thought she couldn't have sparkles on her fingernails...but she wanted sparkles on her toes... but wanted her fingers and toes to be the same color. I didn't want a really dark color that would make my already ghostly feet look even more pale, but none of the light colors were working for me... Anyway, we finally picked our colors. We sat at our pedicure station/massage chairs and the ladies starting working on our feet. Each of us had a magazine on our chair for us to read. Ashely and I both had beauty/fashion magazines on our chairs, but Renee's magazine was called "Watch Connections." A magazine all about watches! So you can imagine how hard it was to keep her attention since she was SO into her magazine! Another thing that distracted Renee was the television that was so conveniently playing RANDOM cartoons! Since cartoons are her FAVORITE, she got pretty into that too. Right Renee? She was finally broken from her zone when the ladies asked if we wanted callus remover for 5 dolla. Renee and I both said we wanted it, but Ashley said no because she thought it would tickle. Her lady kept assuring her that it did not tickle and that she really needed it so finally Ashley agreed. I'm glad she did because it was so funny to watch her struggling and listen to her scream. I shouldn't talk though because my face was buried in my magazine the whole time to drown out my laughter. So much for "it no tickle." Once the calluses were removed and they started on our fingernails, we continued conversing and laughing. Renee told a story about how she and her friend went to get their eyebrows waxed and when they were done, the lady who worked on them said to Renee's friend: "you come in here, look like monkey, now you pretty lady." We were all laughing, but the lady doing my nails was DYING she was laughing so hard! For at least five minutes she would repeat, "look like monkey!" and laugh hysterically. I don't know what was up with the lady doing my nails, but she was laughing at everything we said. She put a pillow on my lap for me to put my hand on, and all I said was , "Oooh, a pillow!" and she started cracking up. She would be throwing her head back in laughter with watery eyes and she was still painting my nails. There was nail polish all over my toes and fingers. So finally, after saying 100 "no thank you"s after being asked if we wanted 'flowa 2 dolla, eyebrow wax 8 dolla', etc.; Renee, Ashley and I left happy and with pretty nails, and the nail ladies were left with nice tips. Except for Ashley's lady. Cause Ashley forgot to give her a tip. But that's okay because her lady lied to her about the callus remover not tickling.
It was actually pretty good quality for what we paid. If you want a good laugh and a decent paint job, it's great. But I wouldn't recommend that place if you want stunning nails.
Renee had just gotten her hair died and trimmed that morning and wanted to straighten it, so I offered to straighten it for her since she's not usually in to that kind of stuff.
Here she is, happily half way done with the straightening process.

Straightening: In action.

I don't know why she is doing this face cause she actually really did love it.

Oh, see, now she's happy.

We had so much fun on our girls day! I hope Renee the Lawyer won't be too busy with grown-up stuff to do this again every once in a while. And next time we'll plan it sooner so that my other favorite girl, my sister Sarah can come! Thanks to Renee, Ashley, and the ladies at Ana Nails for a fun filled day!

Decorating for Christmas!

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is the decorating. I love putting lights and ornaments on the tree and putting lights up on the roof. I think that the reason I love doing this so much is because I get to do it with my family which makes everything 100 times more fun.

Most of us had good judgment when it came to which ornaments to leave OFF the tree. However, my brother-in-law, Bryant thought it would be appropriate to put the creepiest, most awful ornaments on our already very ghetto tree. Then, when any of us would take the creepy ones off, "somehow" they would end up BACK on the tree. Hmm.

Putting up Christmas lights on the house started out fun and exciting. Steve and I worked on the roof to decorate the second story while Scott and Dad did the first story. Maybe Steve and I were way faster than them and started getting a little cocky and talking smack while on the roof. And maybe it turned into a verbal war. And maybe we probably won that too.

Meanwhile, Ashley was inside wrapping gifts. Whenever she was done with a gift, she would run outside and shout to Steve, "LOOK STEVE!" and show off her awesome wrapping skills. I wish I could explain the excitement and pride in her eyes every time she would run outside with a new gift in her hands. It was priceless.

My brothers hated each other by the time we were done decorating the house, but we're all friends again now and our house looks rad!