Saturday, June 22, 2013

Miles & Sandy: the Story part III

November 2012

So Miles had just left to go back to Hawaii and I was so sad that he was gone but I could not have been happier that we had finally figured things out and realized we wanted to be together(even though we still weren't officially back together yet). We had talked about wanting to be together and about getting married, but it was a concept that was hard to wrap my brain around. I remember, soon after Miles left, telling my sister that I was pretty sure that Miles and I decided we want to get married. I was stoked on the idea of marrying Miles, but I was super confused as to whether or not it was really what he wanted or if he was just saying that. Miles and I continued to call/skype each other often and our conversations about getting back together and getting married continued. He would ask me to send him pictures of rings and my heart would melt at the thought of that boy buying me an engagement ring!! But it still felt surreal to me. I would sometimes ask him if he was really being serious or if this was just a big, mean joke. 

December 2012

We had planned for me to go out to Utah over winter break since he would be there to visit his family for a couple weeks. So 2 days after Christmas we were finally reunited! I was SO happy to be with him and to spend time with his family. His mom had kept the stocking that she got me for the Christmas I spent with their family in 2008 and she filled it with so many goodies. A couple days after I got there, we decided to go ring shopping! The whole time we were at the jewelry store I was in a daze because I still could not believe that all of this was really happening and I was finally going to marry Miles Williams. I was freaking out in the best way. We walked into the jewelry store and the first ring we saw is the ring I now have on my finger. But we didn't get it that day. In fact, I wasn't even sure if that was the ring he was actually going to get me. 

ring shopping
Later that day Miles and I were joking about how we still weren't officially back together but we had already gone ring shopping. So then he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend again and of course I did, so I said yes. The next day, he and his mom went back to the jewelry store to pick which ring he wanted, pick what diamond would go in it, and discuss prices. They dropped me off at the mall while they did all that stuff and afterward they picked me up and we went to lunch. Little did I know that the whole time, Jennifer (his mom) had the ring in her purse. 

Later that night, Miles and I went to Salt Lake City to shop at City Creek and walk around Temple Square. Temple Square was gorgeous and freezing like it always is around Christmas time. I had the best time just walking around with Miles. We walked all around looking at the lights and listening to the music as we made our way to the front of the temple. We stood there hugging and then Miles said for the first time in two years, "Sandy, I love you so much." And I died. And I told him I love him too. After becoming his girlfriend and hearing him say "I love you" to me again, everything started to sink in and I stopped freaking out so much. That is when it hit me that I really was going to marry him and that none of this was a joke. And that made me so happy. Our time in Utah together was so wonderful and I didn't bawl my eyes out this time when we said goodbye. Mostly because while I was there, I bought a plane ticket to come see him in Hawaii in February.

February 2013

At the beginning of february, I left for my trip to Hawaii with my brother, Steve, and one of my best friends, Tegyn. At this time, I still had no idea that Miles had the ring and I actually really thought he didn't have it yet. I was totally expecting him to propose to me in April when he would be graduating and moving back to California. Anyway, I was SO happy to be with him in Hawaii. While Miles was at school, Steve, Tegyn, and I would explore Oahu. Then as soon as he was out of class, we would all hang out together.

On a Saturday while we were kayaking, Miles asked if I would go on a date with just him that night since we hadn't really had any alone time. He said we would just go to a nice dinner. I seriously just thought he wanted to take me on a normal date. I did not expect anything more. After our day kayaking, he dropped Tegyn and me off at the place I was staying and I got all pretty and dressed up for him. Then he picked me up and we made our way up to a great restaurant called Haleiwa Joe's. There was kind of a long wait so we walked around as the sun was setting and took a bunch of pictures.
Clueless at Haleiwa Joe's
Miles was acting completely normal with absolutely no signs of nervousness. We enjoyed our delicious dinner and then made our way back to his part of the island. On the drive home he said, "Some of my friends are having a bon fire tonight, do you want to go?" I told him I wanted to go but asked if I could change out of my dress and into something more bon-fire appropriate. So we started to head back to his part of the island. I asked something like "so our date is over?" and he answered, "if you want, we can walk along this beach up here." I said I wanted to, so we parked the car and started walking along the beach. Then I saw something all set up (see picture below) in the middle of the sand a little ways ahead and I asked him what he thought it was. He said, "I don't know, let's go check it out."

the set up: pictures hanging from the lights, a candelabra, pillows, candles, daisies(my favorite flower), and berries with chocolate fondue.  
As we got closer I noticed a bunch of pictures hanging from the top and then, as we walked up to it, the lights turned on! And I immediately noticed that the pictures were pictures of us! I started freeeeeaking out and asking "what is going on?!" Then he took my hands in his hands and started saying the most perfect things he could ever say. It started with him saying (this part will be more fun if you've read part I), "A few years ago when we first met and you said I had a nice smile, I was a little slow. But then when I saw you at church with that pink ribbon in your hair, I knew I had to have you. And when you wanted to stay for all 12 innings of the Giants game, I knew you were a keeper." Then he continued with all this wonderfulness about how much he loves me and wants to be with me forever as tears start to fill my eyes. After he finished with his sweet speech, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said "yes" and then we high-fived. 

We hugged and kissed and hugged some more and then he yelled, "SHE SAID YES!" and all of these people started cheering and running out of the bushes! Tegyn and Steve ran down and hugged me followed by about 15 others. It was surreal! After just a few minutes, everyone left and we laid under the little shack thing looking up at the stars and all of the pictures hanging. Tears kept streaming down my face because I was overwhelmed with love and happiness. It was the happiest I had ever felt.

Steve and Tegyn went home just a couple days later and I stayed a week after them. We had the best time being ENGAGED in HAWAII. It really was one of the best weeks of my life and it killed me to go home, but I knew that it would be our very last goodbye.

April 2013
I went back to Hawaii to be there for his graduation. His family was there also so that made it super fun to have them around. It was their first time in Hawaii so we got to be their tour guides.

Our last night in Hawaii
After 2 weeks together in Hawaii, Miles and I packed up his life and flew to Northern California. We spent time there with some of our people and we got to go to a Giants game!! SO fun! After a few days there, we flew back to Long Beach and here we've been ever since. 

Loosing our minds on the flight back from Hawaii
Giant's game

Miles and I are getting married in TWENTY-FIVE days. It blows my mind that I have yet to have any doubts that this is the boy I want to spend forever with. I love him more every minute. He makes me the happiest, he doesn't annoy me like other boys do, he's witty, handsome, hilarious, and he just gets me. I am blessed beyond measure. I thank Heavenly Father every day for Miles and for the opportunity I have to be his wife. I am so in love.