Saturday, November 29, 2008

Who's Engaged????

....not me.
My best friend in the world/cousin/other half/classmate/soul sister/lover/mentor/dance partner/the only person in the world that I can tell everything to/partner in crime/back up singer/the person who makes me laugh harder than anyone/vacation buddy/the person that means the world to me....
Kacey got engaged on Thursday, November 27th to the love of her life, JJ Bullard.
They are perfect together and I couldn't be happier for them.
Congratulations Kacey, I love you more than you even know!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Christmas Time at Disneyland!

Christmas is for sure, by far, without a doubt, 100% my very favorite holiday ever. I love the music, the smells, the lights, the hot chocolate, the cozy clothes, the colors, the cuddling, the shopping, the movies....I could probably go on for a very long time. This could possibly be why last night at Disneyland, I pretty much had the most amazing time of my life. Yesterday was the first day of Christmas lights at Disneyland! It was beautiful.

Miles and I started out the day by going to Chik-fil-A and to see the new movie"Twilight" (which I thought was so cute). Then, we headed over to the Gardenwalk in Anaheim and ate at P.F. Changs. After dinner, we headed over to Disneyland. We watched the fireworks, went on a couple rides, then got ice cream and sat on Main st. to eat it and people watch. There was some great people-watching that night. Basically, the whole day was amazing and I had the time of my life.

Friday, November 14, 2008

No More Third Wheel!!

Miles and I had the honor of snatching the Cutest New Couple in town for a double date to The Cheesecake Factory. Kacey and J.J. started dating a couple of weeks ago and they are just killing me with their already off-the-charts love for one another. They have worked together at Southern California Valve for almost two years now and have been great friends since then. They hung out all the time and tried dating a couple of times but they just weren't feeling it at the time. RANDOMLY, Kacey fell in love with him so they started to date and now they are so happy and so in love! Anyone who knows J.J. was so excited when they found out that Kacey was dating him because he is an amazing guy (you could almost say that "amazing" is an understatement). And Miles and I were also excited because now we have a fun couple to double date with! A lot of times just Kacey, Miles, and I would hang out and someone would always be feeling a little third wheelish (usually Miles...sorry babe!), but now, thankfully there no longer has to be a third wheel!

We had so much fun with them that night and are hoping for another fun double date soon!
Now, here are some pictures of what Kacey and I like to do with the Cheesecake Factory's To Go bags...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Miles and Sandy: 1st Anniversary

Yesterday was Miles and my One Year Anniversary! Some of you might know that this is a record for me. In high school, all the basketball and football players called me the heart breaker because I wouldn't date a guy for longer than two months. I wish I could deny it, but I really can't. So, having a one year anniversary is definitely a step in the right direction. Because our special day (November 9th) was on a Sunday, we decided to celebrate the day before. We went to my favorite sandwich place, Submarina, and picked up our sandwiches. Then we drove to Corona Del Mar and had a picnic at Little Corona. It was such a gorgeous day...perfect for a picnic. After we ate our sandwiches, we laid down and talked for a little bit. Then, we exchanged presents. We had just happened to get each other a ring! I got him a rad CTR ring, and he got me beautiful diamond promise ring. Almost the same price. Not at all.

I was SO excited! I still can't stop staring at it. I'll probably go blind because it's so sparkley and I keep staring.

Then we took a walk along the beach and climbed some rocks and took some pictures.
We're all iced out.
We are loving our new rings.

On our actual anniversary, I gave Miles a list of 365 things I love about him. It was so fun to write. If you are ever doubting a relationship you're in, or are falling out of love, you should try writing a list of things you love about that person. Not saying I was doubting or falling out of love, but it made me fall 200 times more in love.
I love you Miles! You're the perfect guy for me and the most amazing boyfriend in the world. Thank you for the best year ever! "dis is what I neeeeed!"


Miles: what are you doing tomorrow night?
Sandy: nothing, aren't you hanging out with Damone?
Miles: well, we were going to go to the Madonna concert...
Sandy: [cuts him off] BOOOORING!
Miles: yeah..uhm...well...Damone can't go anymore...sooooo..
Sandy: oh. you were inviting me.

So...I went with him to the Madonna concert! It was at Padres Stadium in San Diego, so the entire drive there, we were listening to Madonna because the only songs I knew were "Like a Virgin," and "4 Minutes." I honestly have never like Madonna and was only going to her show to be with my boyfriend. So, every song we listened to on the way there, I would find some way to make fun of it. The whole time I was thinking to myself, "why in the world am I going to a Madonna show?" However, we finally arrived right on time and waited patiently in our seats.

We were actually pretty close to the stage. You can imagine how excited I was to be so close to Madonna!

While waiting for the show to start, we did some people watching. You can imagine how good people watching is at a Madonna show. There were so many hardcore Madonna fans dressed up like her...or dressed up like this:

He was a delight to watch, but he wasn't all. There were some crazy outfits but my camera wasn't quick enough to capture them.

Here's Miles throwing up an "M" for Madonna..

FINALLY, about two hours after the show was supposed to start, it started. And we were so excited! I kept screaming, "I love Madonna!" But, really I was only excited for it to start so it could end and we could go home.

But then, somehow, my feet started to step-touch, my head started to nod, and my shoulders were kind of shaking. I was getting into it. I was loving the Madonna concert. I couldn't help myself. She was such a good performer. Then the song, Beat Goes On, that Kanye West sings with her comes on and they show Kanye singing his part on the big screen...

If you didn't know, Kanye West is my favorite ever, so this part is what had me sold. From this point on, I was so into the show. You couldn't stop me from dancing and trying to sing along.

Then Britney Spears was on the screen for the song, "Human Nature." Then she sang the song, "Vogue," and Miles taught me how to do the Vogue dance move...

Every song she performed just kept getting better and I loved Madonna even more. I was actually sad when the show finally ended. Since the show, I have listened to Madonna everyday and I'm totally planning on going to another Madonna show sometime in the future. I love Madonna.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween Fun!

It seems like every year, Halloween gets more and more fun! This year, on Halloween morning, Miles and I went to Massage Envy to get a one hour massage for just $39.99. That was amazing and I decided that will be my new Halloween tradition. Once we got home from our massages, we carved our pumpkins in the backyard.
This is us trying to make the same face as our jack-o-lanterns. Doesn't Miles look exactly like his pumpkin?? This picture cracks me up!
Then, we headed over to the mall to do a little shopping, but had to hurry home for....

We wouldn't want to miss out on that. Always a surprise, always a treat!

Once our bellies were full of goodness, everyone got ready to go out and do some hardcore trick or treating. Mom, Sarah, Bryant, Carter, Steve, Ashley, Scott, Christy, Katie, Ella, Miles and I all went trick or treating together. It got a little crowded at each front porch, but it was fun and so worth it.
p.s. How cute is my boyfriend? Even with Carter's drool all up on his shirt...
Thank you, Mom, for the Dinner in a Pumpkin and for putting up with us making fun of it even though we all love it. Thank you, Sarah, for having the cutest kids in the world, making it so fun to watch them having fun. And thank you, Miles, for spending the whole day with me and making every second fun. I love all of you.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Taco Tuesday!

While working at the day camp over the summer, every Tuesday after work, my co workers and I would go to a place in Newport called "Great Mex" for $1.00 tacos. They were SO GOOD. Now that the summer is over and we all had to start our real jobs again, we haven't been able to get together for fun things as often. We FINALLY found a time to get together and re-live the glorious days of Taco Tuesdays. Last Tuesday we met up at El Torito in the Block of Orange for a good time with friends and some rad tacos. I really love these guys. We have such a tight bond. It was such a fun night.
Juice Box and Sandcrab. I met Juice Box through the day camp and now, he is one of my best friends. We try to hang out every other friday.

Duck Tape, Juice Box, Sandcrab, and D.J.

These guys are the most fun camp counselors ever. I would haveLOVED to be in their group if I was a kid at camp.

D.J. (Stephanie) is one of the two directors of the camp (she's the boss). She and the other director, Splice (Ashley) worked at Scrapbook Depot with me so they always begged me to come work with them at that camp. They finally convinced me and I'm so glad I did it!
Sharkbait, Splice, Juniper, and T-Rex.

There was great company and awesome tacos. We missed you Bumper, Big Tuna, and Cat!