Monday, April 14, 2008

Glen Ivy Day Spa

For Kacey's birthday present, I took her to the Glen Ivy Day Spa in Corona. We went in a mud bath, an awesome lounge pool, and a mineral bath. It was so relaxing and fun just to hang out and talk about nothing with my very best friend at this beautiful getaway.
Kacey got a free pass for next time since she came on her birthday! YAY!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mr. El Dorado

Every year, any man in the El Dorado ward has the opportunity to participate in the competition known as Mr. El Dorado. For fhe, everyone comes to watch the competition. The men competing need a sports outfit, a talent, and ghetto fabulous formal wear (whatever that even means). This year was my favorite so far. Everyone was very creative, clever, and handsome! It was hard to vote, however, the guy I did vote for was the winner!

John Sellers was crowned Mr. El Dorado 2008.

And he deserved it!
Sport Outfit: He wore a nerd outfit and held a chess board.
Talent: He yelled the tune of "Carol of the Bells" while listening to it on his iPod. It's hard to explain it, but it was hilarious.
Ghetto Fabulous Formal Wear: Well, in a nutshell, he did have grillz.

Who will be the next Mr. El Dorado?

Karen's Black and White Birthday Party!

My friend from the singles ward, Karen turned 21! Her party was black and white themed so you had to wear black and/or white. The house was decorated so cute and the party looked really cool with everyone in their black and white attire.

This is me with the birthday girl, Karen!

A bunch of girlfriends from the singles ward.

Miles and me!

Jeff and Tamara! Cuties!

Miles and I... again.

This was parked right outside the house so I thought I'd take a picture on it.

We all carpooled: Miles, Kacey, John Sellers, and me! The party only had dessert, so afterward we went to Tommy Burgers for dinner and walked around Ralphs for a little. It was such a fun night. I'm blessed to be a member of such a great ward with fun people in it.

We Love the 80's

Last week Kacey, Miles, Miles' friend Waldo, and I went to an 80's party. We forgot to take pictures during the actual party, but you can see the hair and make-up from the above pictures. I was wearing a pink unitard with a cut-off white shirt and tennis shoes. Kacey rolled up her jeans and wore a cut-off shirt also. Miles and Waldo found some hardcore 80's shirts at Buffalo Exchange and rocked those all night. It was funny to see what everyone came dressed up in. It was really a fun night.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mom's Birthday Party!!

Happy Birthday mom! My mom is the coolest, most beautiful, funniest, most amazing woman in the entire world. Seriously, I have never been embarrassed of her, I have never even thought of wishing for a different mom, and I can always go to her with my problems. I love her so much.

Here are some of my favorite inside jokes with my mom:
1. You choking? or not choking? I got to know.
2. When she flailed her tampax.
3. Have you ever been to New York?

Here are some pictures from her Birthday Party.

We played pictionary! It was so much fun!