Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Taco Tuesday!

While working at the day camp over the summer, every Tuesday after work, my co workers and I would go to a place in Newport called "Great Mex" for $1.00 tacos. They were SO GOOD. Now that the summer is over and we all had to start our real jobs again, we haven't been able to get together for fun things as often. We FINALLY found a time to get together and re-live the glorious days of Taco Tuesdays. Last Tuesday we met up at El Torito in the Block of Orange for a good time with friends and some rad tacos. I really love these guys. We have such a tight bond. It was such a fun night.
Juice Box and Sandcrab. I met Juice Box through the day camp and now, he is one of my best friends. We try to hang out every other friday.

Duck Tape, Juice Box, Sandcrab, and D.J.

These guys are the most fun camp counselors ever. I would haveLOVED to be in their group if I was a kid at camp.

D.J. (Stephanie) is one of the two directors of the camp (she's the boss). She and the other director, Splice (Ashley) worked at Scrapbook Depot with me so they always begged me to come work with them at that camp. They finally convinced me and I'm so glad I did it!
Sharkbait, Splice, Juniper, and T-Rex.

There was great company and awesome tacos. We missed you Bumper, Big Tuna, and Cat!


Kellie said...

Wooow.... Whats YOUR nickname??? haha, "real jobs"! You're funny. I LOOOVe that you are so close to your co workers. It makes work SO much more fun!

Magda Stephanie said...

HERE i AM!! I do not know how to work this thing.... Im such a LOSER! haha

Magda Stephanie said...

Aw!! Thank you! I love wedding pics, those pics were fun. Hope to see you soon too! :)

Jeff said...

first of all worst picture of me.
but thank you for not puting up my uglier ones that are now on facebook. um number two why are you not a follower of me?